Setting up account with Sequence Wallet on Nalnda

Nalnda announced its partnership with Sequence wallet on 2nd Apr’2022. Using Sequence wallet, readers on Nalnda can create account using their social profiles such as Google, Facebook, Twitch, Discord, and even Apple id. The Sequence wallet automatically assigns a wallet address to your mail account. Users would not have to remember their seed phrase nor do they need to have any knowledge of blockchain to use the wallet.

In this tutorial, we are going to deep dive into setting up an account using Sequence wallet and adding Nalnda USDC token and Matic token to the wallet. Nalnda USDC token will be used to buy eBooks on Nalnda marketplace and Matic token will be used for blockchain transactions. Please remember Nalnda USDC token is a dummy token created for Testnet purpose only.

Please do not forget to enable popup on your web browser

Step 1: Setting up account on Nalnda is a three step process

a. Click on connect wallet icon on the main page of Nalnda

Sequence wallet will pop up on the screen

b. Enable Testnet

Since we have launched Nalnda on Testnet, please enable Testnet on the bottom right corner of Sequence wallet before creating your account.

c. Create account using your desired platform

Sequence wallet allows you to connect to crypto wallet using your Google, Facebook, Apple or your other email id. Once you have setup your account, a contract address will be assigned to you.

Although, readers do not need install Sequence wallet extension on their browser, if desired, Sequence wallet extension is available on Chrome browser.

Readers can access their wallet and check their wallet balance on Sequence Wallet.

Step 3: Adding Matic token on Testnet to your wallet

Matic Testnet token can be added from any Matic Testnet faucet > Polygon Faucet. To know how to add Matic Token on Testnet please read Mumbai Testnet Faucet — How to Get Free Testnet MATIC Tokens » Moralis » The Web3 Development Workflow.

Once you have added Matic Token on Testnet, it will appear in your wallet.

Step 4: Adding Nalnda USDC token to your wallet

The process of adding Nalnda USDC token is same as adding Matic token. Nalnda USDC token is available at Please do not forget to enable popup on your web browser.

Connect your wallet and mint USDC token. The minted Nalnda USDC token will appear in your Sequence wallet.

Voila! you are ready to purchase and read eBooks on the first ever decentralized marketplace of eBooks — Nalnda. Buy, read, resell your eBooks only on Nalnda.

About Nalnda

Nalnda is a decentralized marketplace for NFT based eBooks that allow readers to more than just read them and authors/publishers to have multiple revenue streams and earn a royalty on every secondhand book sale.

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Nalnda is the first decentralized marketplace for NFT based eBooks

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Nalnda is the first decentralized marketplace for NFT based eBooks